Physical Deployment


The following is required for each Server deployment:

  • Compatible rack hardware (screws)

  • USB based Monitor, keyboard and mouse, ideally “dedicated” for the server control or a dedicated or a Keyboard Video display Mouse (KVM) wired position

  • 2 AC outlets per Volicon Server

  • Ethernet connection with one static IP address assigned per Observer Probe

  • Temporary connectivity (internet, VPN, etc) is needed only during the time of initial configuration to allow recent security updates to be applied or remote support capabilities

  • If necessary, the IP address of the SNMP Management server to send Volicon traps

  • If necessary, the IP address, a user name and login credentials for the local SMTP server to send email alerts for Volicon traps

  • The physical dimensions of the servers if unique to each customer. Please ensure there is designated space in a 19” rack and for the total number of RUs needed please contact your Volicon Sales Rep or Support Engineer.

Physical Video Connections

  • The means of video delivery is unique per deployment and the wiring falls to the customer to facilitate. Please ensure that this wiring is in place prior to initiating configuration with your Volicon Support Engineer and if you have any questions on this please contact them for a copy of the quoted system.