The following Anti-Virus recommendations are so that any AV (Anti-Virus) software does not interfere with the performance or reliability of the Observer system, and its logging/capturing processes.

  • Please ensure that any “On Access” scanning processes or schedules are turned off.

    • On access processes locks files that are being accessed and are scanned for potential viruses. Our Observer system generates huge data files that contain Audio/Video. The On Access scans prohibit the encoding processes from accessing the files in a timely manner, causing potential instability in the capturing of the data.

  • Set Schedules for AV updates and system scans to low traffic times.

    • Some updates from AV may require server restarts, so it is recommended that this be during a time that someone can monitor the system to ensure proper restart of the system.

    • AV updates demands system resources, and takes them away from the Observer software. By design AV processes take presidency over processes.

  • Please exclude the following folders from any scans:

    • C:\video\

    • C:\Program Files\MariaDB 10.0

    • C:\program files\Volicon\

    • C:\Program Files\MariaDB 10.2

    • C:\Program Files\Redis

    • C:\Program Files\SQLyog

    • C:\Program Files\Mongodb