Volicon Observer Read Me First

Congratulations on your Volicon Observer system purchase! The following information will help guide you through the initial Observer system setup.


  • Carefully unpack the equipment and inspect for any visible damage that occurred during shipping. Report any such damage to the shipping company and to Volicon.

  • Locate the “Restore Disk” and other reference materials and store them in a safe place.

  • Save the packaging material in case you should need to return the equipment to Volicon in the future.


To view the Observer Documentation listed below, please visit mip.volicon.com:

Password: volicon99

  1. Observer Admin Guide – For both Observer and RPM system administrators. Please read this document first to set up the Observer system.

  2. Observer Site Prep Guide – How to prepare the site for physical and network configuration.

  3. Observer RPM Admin Guide – For Observer RPM system administrators.

  4. Observer User Manual – Explains the web client interface for end users and system administrators. See the “Getting Started” section for the initial setup of your client PC.

  5. Observer RPM User Manual – For Observer RPM end users.

  6. Observer Release Notes XX.XX – Covers all the Observer related products

  7. Observer Quick Start Guide

System Login

Please refer to Quick Start Guide first. Follow the instructions in the “Installation Planning”, “Media Connectivity” and “Network configuration” sections of the “Site Prep Guide”.

The Observer system is preconfigured with the following default passwords:

  • Observer servers Windows desktop account:

    User: Observer

    Password: Inst@11 (case sensitive)

  • Web client account:

    User: admin

    Password: pass


It is very strongly advised that recipients of Volicon servers DO NOT DISCARD any of the accessories that ship with the hardware system. For most Observer™ server configurations, these peripheral/external items may include: cables, screw kits, brackets, and documentation. If any field upgrades or expansion of hardware configurations are required in the future, some of these items may be required.

When possible, it is also advised to RETAIN AT LEAST one (1) set of full packaging (shipping box or boxes and related form-fitting end-cap inserts) specific to EACH deployed server model. In the event that shipping a server to another deployment site (or to Volicon) is ever required, this packaging will protect the hardware against damage.

Contacting Volicon Support

Due to the complexity of the Observer modules and setup, most Observer servers are not shipped in a “plug and play” ready state. We recommend that you contact Volicon Support for assistance with your initial Observer Server configuration.

We offer several ways to reach our experienced technical support specialists:

Web: http://www.volicon.com/volicon-support/ • Email: support@volicon.com

Telephone: Customer Support is available Monday through Friday

US: +1 781-221-7400 Option 5 • 8am to 5pm EDT

Volicon is a Verizon Digital Media Services company.