Advanced Content Export Tab

ACE facilitates monitoring and ad verification use cases as well as content creation. ACE is integrated with As Run Log (ARL). It provides the ability to automatically create assets and place them in predefined locations. For example with ACE you can quickly choose an interval: for example from 5PM to 7PM and the system will show the breakdown of individual assets, with their names. From that you are able to filter by name, or duration to quickly remove irrelevant ads and merge the remaining assets into a single video file and share it.

Figure: Advanced Content Export

Figure: Advanced Content Export

Select the desired channel from the Channel Dashboard. The viewer is launched automatically. Press the <Mark In> button to begin the capture process. The right hand panel is populated with assets until the <Mark Out> button is pressed.

Initially all assets are unchecked. Use the search bar to select the desired assets.

Figure: ACE Asset Search Bar

Figure: ACE Asset Search Bar


Toggle search between all assets or only those checked

Greater than

Selects assets longer than preset time

Less than

Selects assets shorter than preset time


Select number of occurrences


Select time interval


Text box to select matching assets




Reset search criteria

Once the desired assets are selected press <Play All> to view and <Share Tracks as one> to share/export the track much like other bookmarks.