Schedule Export Tab

This feature allows you to schedule grabbing video clips and publishing them to one or more social media sites.

Figure: Schedule Export

Figure: Schedule Export

Job name:

User friendly description of job.


Channel to export. Create separate jobs for each exported channel.

Starts On:

When the job starts.


Duration of program to be exported.

File name

User defined file name.


Predefined Observer file names.

Start overlap:

Seconds added at the start of the clip to capture previous program

End overlap:

Seconds added at the end of the clip to capture next program


Never – exports continuously.

After – number of times job will run. An occurrence is the duration previously specified. For example: if the duration is set to 1-hour and occurrences set to 3, Observer will export 3 hours of programming beginning at the start time.

On – date/time job will terminate