Creating a BookmarkΒΆ

Consider a circumstance in which a customer wishes assurance that their commercial did, in fact, play at 4:13 PM on WFXT. Start by calling up the WFXT stream. Use the <calendar> function to select to desired date and time.

Press the <Mark In> button to initiate the clip creation process. To mark the end of the clip you have two options. Pressing the <Mark Out> button manually terminates the clip. The other option uses the <Quick Clip> button to the right of the <Mark Out> button. As a reminder it displays the preset clip length.

The player control buttons allow stepping forward and backward on a frame by frame basis enabling you to precisely mark the section of interest.

If you have multiple players open MIS creates a bookmark of each one. The bookmark is relative to the current seek time so individual players do not need to be set to the same time or date.