Log in

  1. At the top of your Browser search bar, enter the IP address or URL provided by your MIS System Administrator.

  2. You will then be prompted for your log in credentials (Username/Password). This will also be provided to you by your MIS System Administrator.

Your Initial Log in Screen

MIS greets you with a log in screen. Enter your user name and password then Press <Sign In>.

The browser may ask if you want it to remember your password. If this is the computer you always use and trust, allowing the browser to remember your password is convenient. If you are not sure what to do, click on the X and the browser will ask again the next time you log in.

Figure: Browser Password Storage

Figure: Browser Password Storage

Figure: MIS Home Page Figure: MIS Home Page

Figure: MIS Home Page

Assuming you entered your account credentials correctly you will be greeted with the MIS home page. The specific icons displayed depend on your account settings and the installed MIS options.

High Level Page Controls

At the upper right hand side of each MIS page are a number of high level controls. Your account name is displayed and below it is the automatic log out timer. MIS monitors your account activity. If it has been idle for a period of time the system automatically logs you out.

To the right is a System Warning icon. If there are active alerts the number is displayed in a red circle. Left clicking on the icon displays warning details.

MIS can be configured to use different languages. Use the pulldown to select the desired language.

At the extreme upper right is the tool icon. This will be discussed in detail later.

Figure: Home Page Controls

Figure: Home Page Controls

Log Out

To log out, click the <Gear> icon at the upper right corner of any MIS page. The <Gear> icon appears on all MIS pages so you don’t have to go back to the home page to log out. This opens another menu; click on <Log Out> at the bottom of the list. MIS asks you to confirm that you really want to log out.


Click on the MIS gear icon, not the browser tools icon.

Figure: MIS Logout

Figure: MIS Logout

MIS Internet Explorer Settings

When using Internet Explorer for the first time you must set “Compatibility mode”.

Figure: Setting IE Compatibility View

Figure: Setting IE Compatibility View

  1. After you log into MIS left click the <Gear> symbol at the upper right of IE and then choose <Compatibility View Settings>. Note: this is the IE tools icon, not the lower tool icon for MIS.

  2. The URL or IP address of the MIS server should automatically populate under “Add this website:” Click on <Add> to set IE to access the MIS web site in compatibility mode. Next, set the location of the MIS server as a trusted site. This allows you to restrict ActiveX (used by the Volicon player) when browsing the Internet while still allowing its use when logged into MIS.

  3. From the same <Tool> icon used to set compatibility mode select <Internet Options>. Select the Security Tab and click on <Trusted Sites>. Then click the <Sites> button. The MIS web site URL should be showing under “Add this website to the zone:” The IE default policy to allow placing a server in trusted zone is that it must use SSL/TLS security (HTTPS). If the MIS server does not use SSL/TLS you need to uncheck the “Require server verification” check box. Press <Add> to update the trusted site list then <Close>.

  4. To verify you successfully added MIS click <Trusted Sites> again then <Sites>. The MIS server URL should show in the <Websites:> box.

Figure: Add MIS to Trusted Sites

Figure: Add MIS to Trusted Sites