Settings: Channel sets

This page is used to define channel sets. Using channel sets enables the administrator to create a logical channel grouping independent of the probes in which the specific encoder is located. If channel sets are not used, individual encoders are displayed under their associated probe.

Add/edit channel set

To add a channel set, click the <Add new channel set> icon at the top of the page. If your system has a large number of encoders, use the “Encoder filter” field to restrict which encoders are displayed. To edit an existing channel set, hover over the channel set and click the <Edit> icon. Enter or change the name of the channel set and select the desired encoders. Press <Save> when you are finished.

Example: “AJN” is set, which includes four encoders from probe DEMO-TS and six encoders from probe WIN7. The number of encoders assigned to a specific channel set is displayed in the parenthesis to the right of the set name.

Figure: Channel set – settings

Figure: Channel set – settings

Delete a channel set

Hover over the desired channel set and press the <Trash> icon.