Volicon Media Intelligence service welcome page

The main action buttons are in the center of the screen.

  • Your account name is displayed in the upper-right corner along with the session expiration time.

  • If Volicon Media Intelligence service detects an idle session, it will time out and close the session.

  • If the dashboard fault notification widget is enabled, a bell icon image appears to the right of the username. If there are active faults, the quantity is displayed in a red circle. Click the icon to display fault details.

  • If Volicon Media Intelligence service is localized, use the dropdown image to the left of the gear icon to change the active language.

  • Click the <Gear> icon image in the upper-right to log out or access Volicon Media Intelligence service management features.

  • The main menu gives you access to the Volicon Media Intelligence service. As an administrator, you are primarily concerned with the <Gear> icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

    Figure: Welcome page

    Figure: Welcome page