Volicon Media Intelligence servicesΒΆ

Volicon Media Intelligence service has numerous platforms optimized to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers. Systems are customized per customer requirements. Below is an overview of the different system classes.


The Enterprise platform offers the highest degree of scalability with enterprise reliability and the maximum amount of storage. Enterprise systems use RAID 6 for increased reliability.


The Professional platform provides a cost-effective system for content monitoring, logging and compliance workflows. It serves as a cross-browser and cross-platform solution that offers greater portability, scalability and redundancy, with ease of use and extensibility. A Professional-class system is equipped with RAID 5 and typically a 2U chassis form factor.


Scout is a powerful, cost-effective video network monitoring device. It enables broadcasters and networks, as well as cable and IPTV operators, to proactively perform quality checks at A/V service handoffs to ensure the highest quality experience for customers. Scout is the smallest server, using a 1U chassis that supports a single capture card.