Software installation

Volicon Media Intelligence service central server and probe server software are preinstalled and configured by Volicon Media Intelligence service

Central and probe server operating systems

The Volicon Media Intelligence service central server can be installed on 64-bit computers running any of the following Microsoft operating systems:

  • Windows 7

  • Windows 10

  • Windows Server 2012 R2

  • AWS Windows 2012 R2

Additional Microsoft software

The central server utilizes the following additional MS software packages:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

  • Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ)

  • Windows Installer 4.5 Redistributable

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable

  • Microsoft Updates – turned off during normal Volicon Media Intelligence service operation

Third-party software

Volicon Media Intelligence service makes use of several third-party software packages. The following software packages are preinstalled when the system is ordered:

  • Apache: Web server

  • Hmailserver: Outgoing mail server

  • Redis: Object cache

  • MariaDB: Database

  • PHP: Scripting

Client workstation

PC clients require the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 7

  • Microsoft Windows 10

  • Apple Mac

Client-side browsers

Volicon Media Intelligence service supports the following browsers:

  • Chrome uses HTML5 (Mac and Windows).

  • Edge uses HTML5.

  • Firefox uses Silverlight V5.

  • Internet Explorer 1 (64-bit only) uses ActiveX .

  • Safari uses HTML5 (Mac O/S only).

Initial Volicon Media Intelligence service deployment

Volicon Media Intelligence service installs and tests the customer configuration prior to shipping. On-site installation consists of integrating the servers into your corporate IPv4 network and connecting the encoders to ingest the appropriate channels. Once the system is up and running, the Volicon Media Intelligence service administrator needs to configure social media publishing profiles and create user accounts.

Optional Volicon Media Intelligence service modules

Volicon Media Intelligence service is highly configurable to meet customer needs. Below is a partial list of optional Volicon Media Intelligence service modules.

  • Loudness monitoring: Compliance verification

  • Content matching: Identifies when specific content is aired

  • Advanced Content Export (ACE): Automatically creates assets and uploads them to predefined locations

  • Trigger clipping: Integrates Volicon Media Intelligence service with third-party monitoring systems

  • NAVE decoding, logging and alerting: Insures proper transmission and delivery of NAVE codes to Nielsen monitoring equipment

  • Scheduled recording: Automatically controls the set-top box to monitor relevant media sources

  • Ratings import: Imports viewer ratings

  • Quality of Experience (QoE or QoX): Monitors logged content for a variety of signal faults

  • As-run log (ARL) integration: Integrates Volicon Media Intelligence service with existing automation systems

  • Active directory (AD) integration: Integrates Volicon Media Intelligence service into the AD domain to allow single login

  • Embedded AC-3 capture: Natively processes AC-3 audio-eliminating need for external AC-3 decoder

  • DvB subtitles capture: Monitors and alerts missing DVB subtitles

  • Multiviewer: Watches multiple programs on the network wall

  • Multicast: Live streams either high-quality original programs or low-resolution proxy across the enterprise

  • DPI monitoring: Frames accurate monitoring to insure DPI messages were conveyed properly

  • Digital audio S/PDIF interface: An ingest of digital audio streams

  • Over-the-top (OTT) monitoring: Multiplatform streaming media logging and monitoring

  • Archiver: Manages storage and retrieval of content

  • Closed caption (CC) monitoring: Monitors and alerts CC service

Managing Volicon Media Intelligence service software updates

Volicon Media Intelligence service support is responsible for installing central server (CS) and probe server software updates.

Updates to the Internet Explorer Active-X viewer, a component of the CS, are automatically pushed to the client when the user logs in. Installing the ActiveX viewer requires admin privileges.

Upgrading from previous versions of Volicon Media Intelligence service

There are significant differences between previous versions of Volicon Media Intelligence service. Please contact Volicon Media Intelligence service for additional information about upgrading.