Common functions

Each home page icon takes you to a task specific MIS suite. At the left side of each page is a ribbon with multiple icons optimized for each suite. Several tasks are common to multiple suites. Depending on permissions and optional installed components not all icons may be visible.

Figure: Common suite functions

Figure: Common suite functions

We will use the Share suite to illustrate how to use the common MIS functions and then delve into the specific details of each suite.

Table: Common suite functions

Home Page

Takes you back to the MIS home page

Channel viewer

Opens media viewer to watch one or more programs

Closed caption

Displays program clips that include CC text


Bookmarks are short sections of video


Typically a one track clip normally used to save broadcast assets, such as commercials

Management console

This tab only appears if the optional Content Export Module (CEM) server is installed: it displays jobs that were exported using CEM

Schedule recording

Schedule automatic recording of channels equipped with STB remote control feature

Electronic program guide (EPG)

EPG when channel is equipped with STB remote control feature