GPI clips tab

If any of the video channels include broadcast automation General Purpose Interface (GPI) metadata, you can use this feature to display relevant clips.

GPI search

The search feature works like other MIS searches. When the page first opens all search constraints are wild carded so the page will show all clips that include some GPI metadata. If there are a lot of GPI clips, the search function allows you to narrow down the list.

GPI clip display options

The ribbon at the top of the GPI Clips pane allows you to manage and modify captured clips.

image Select/deselect this page: Selects all GPI clips on page; if there are no clips option is greyed out

image Combine selected GPI: combine multiple GPI clips; this option is greyed out if no clips are selected

image Remove selected GPI: Delete selected GPI clips; this option is greyed out if no clips are selected

image Refresh list automatically: When icon is blue the page is automatically refreshed every few seconds; when white, page is not refreshed once it is opened; clicking the <Auto refresh> icon toggles between the two modes

image Grid and List view: similar to other MIS settings: grid displays a large thumbnail and limited descriptive clip detail; in List view the thumbnail is smaller and the amount of descriptive detail is much greater

image Customize columns: In list view use this feature to select which columns to display

image Purge all & Export list: Purge all deletes all GPI clips; Use Export list to save GPI clip list to an Excel spreadsheet

If there are more than a single page of fault clips, MIS displays multiple page numbers at the upper right hand corner of the screen.