Keyword alerts tab

Use this section to have MIS monitor Closed Captioning for specific words and generate a notification email. The channel dashboard works much like other MIS section to restrict the display to specific alerts.

Alert controls

Icons at the top of the alerts page enable you to control alert notification and delete old alerts.

Check all Check all: select all alerts

Create new alert Create new alert: manually add an alert

Remove selected alert Remove selected alert: delete any checked alerts

Enable alerts Enable alerts

Disable alerts Disable alerts

Customized column Customized column: check or uncheck desired columns

Create a keyword alert

Pressing the new alert icon image opens a new page composed of three sections.

The left hand pane allows you to set which email account(s) MIS sends the alert and define the alert name and subject line. By default the alert is sent to your email accounts. You can delete your address and add multiple other addresses. If there are multiple addresses the Email to field changes from the email name to Multi(x) indicating how many emails are selected. Opening the dropdown displays a list of email addresses.

Below that are Advanced options used to limit how often and when to send the alert.

The Keywords middle pane is used to specify keywords. Each time you enter a keyword the system automatically generates another text box to enter an additional keyword. If you enter multiple keywords MIS will generate an alert if any match the closed captioned text.

Lastly the right hand Assign channels pane allows you to select the channel or channels you want to monitor. Typing all or part of the channel name into the Filter text box at the top of the display list restricts the display to matching channels.

Press <Save changes> at the bottom of the page to add an alert. To test the alert press the <Test Deliver> icon in the left hand section.

Figure: Closed captioning alert

Figure: Closed captioning alert

Editing/deleting a keyword alert

To edit or delete an Alert, hover over the alert. MIS will display the edit image icon on the right hand side of the alert. Pressing the icon opens the same page you used to create the alert, except now it is filled in. Press <Save changes> when you are finished editing the alert. Use the Trashcan icon to delete the alert.