Stream advanced actions bar

Figure: Advanced actions bar

Figure: Advanced actions bar

MIS provides you with several tools for managing individual Video Streams within the Video Stream window itself. Located below each player window is the advanced actions bar. From left to right these actions are:

  • Closed captions: displays closed caption text

  • Audio loudness meter: displays audio level bar chart

  • Language: selects audio track: greyed out if there is only a single audio track

  • Synch to me: forces other players to the same time as this one: only visible when watching more than one program

  • Metadata: displays various metadata about the program

  • Clone: open another viewer with the same program

  • Resolution: if program is available in more than one resolution or bitrate this icon is active

  • LIVE: green when live, white for recorded program: clicking this icon will change the specific player to Live, it does not affect other players

  • Full Screen: changes program in full screen, press <ESC> to return