Encoder captions: Closed captioning

This section determines how Volicon Media Intelligence service processes closed captioning and subtitles.

Figure: Encoder captions

Figure: Encoder captions

Table: Closed captioning

CC adjust

Not currently relevant to Volicon Media Intelligence service

Metadata enabled

Enable/disable CC monitor

Metadata type

Dropdown used to specify which data the format channel is using

TS teletext stream ID

The ID of the teletext stream inside the Transport Stream program

Table: Indexing profile

Database URLs

Host and profile name


Add or remove metadata database URLs

Table: Profile

File name

Database name; <Select file> to add additional profiles

Table: DvB subtitles language


Name of the language


Stream ID of the subtitle language

Milliseconds delay

The delay of subtitles in relation to the video; used to synchronize subtitles to video


To add/remove subtitle language