Encoder configuration

Press the <Edit> icon to access details about the encoder.

Figure: Encoder sections

Figure: Encoder sections

Each encoder has eight configuration subsections.

  • Encoder configures specifics of name and display icons.

  • Input programs ingest settings.

  • Output configures specifics of how Volicon Media Intelligence service stores each channel and sub-encoders.

  • Storage configures storage location and duration.

  • Features enable loudness, thumbnails and NAVE.

  • Alerting sets error detection thresholds.

  • Captions configure CC and subtitles.

  • More configures miscellaneous settings.

At the bottom of each page is a <Save> button. Volicon Media Intelligence service will prompt you to save changes if you attempt to leave the section without saving changes.

Figure: Unsaved change warning

Figure: Unsaved change warning