Use this page to configure system-wide global settings.

System: General

Figure: System general

Figure: System general

Table: Central server – general settings

System date

Dropdown used to select desired year-month-day format

Server host

Central server IP address on LAN

Web server IP address

Central server web IP address

Manual mode timeout

Not yet implemented; will allow UIRT remote control of STB

Enable strong password policy

Requires users to periodically reset passphrase and use combination of characters to create strong passwords; system will refuse to accept passphrase change if doesn’t meet requirements and will prompt user with requirements; criterion for password acceptance:

A minimum of eight characters

One uppercase letter

One lowercase letter

One number

One symbol character

NO REPEATING characters

Switch login page

Allows you to substitute a different welcome page when user access is disabled

Enable login for every account

Normal login page from which all users are able to access the system

Enable login for administrators only

Displays alternative login page when user attempts to log in to system; does not affect administrator account

Reason to disable login

Text message displayed when users prevented from accessing system (“System maintenance underway – system will be back online by 5AM Tuesday.”)

Enable login page user warning

Allows you to display a warning message when user logs in; can be set to occur on first login or every login

Login warning title

Message title

Login warning text

Warning text

Display dashboard widget

Adds image alerts icon at the top-right of each page; indicates the number of active faults; clicking icon provides details about each fault

Email alerts sent address

Email address used to send email alerts from central server

Disconnect from Slack

Ability to send QoE alerts via Slack; may be enabled/disabled – not relevant to all implementations

Attached logo

Attach company logo to the alert email; permissible file types: JPG, GIF, PNG