Encoder: Storage

This section defines where video is stored, how long it is saved and the disk threshold.

Figure: Encoder storage

Figure: Encoder storage

Table: Storage information

Main index path

Example: C:\Video\indices\AB1.idx; normally set by Volicon Media Intelligence service to default path on main HDD

Free disk space threshold

Amount of space not to be used by Volicon Media Intelligence service, but kept free for other use; value to be 0-0.9, where 0 means no free space reserved, and 0.9 means 90% of storage location kept free

History depth

Specifies how long programs are stored; numeric value specifying how many unit intervals video will be stored; e.g., value of 30 and interval of days will store video 30 days

Table: Storages


Absolute path to the storage location


The maximum percentage of the total size of the storage location used by the channel


Add/remove storages

Table: Long-term storage (LTS)

History depth

Specifies duration of program storage; streams normally stored in local storage; if inadequate, Volicon Media Intelligence service support to configure LTS; numeric value of unit intervals video will be stored: dropdown specifying minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years; setting value to 0 means data not saved


LTS storage location; typically C:Video\LTS\ if LTS is running on the same computer

Min free disk space

Minimum disk space available on archive machine before archiving; value is in Gigabytes


Specifies if this encoder is a backup encoder for another system

Master encoder name

The name of the master encoder; only relevant when backup encoder is used

Master encoder path

Absolute path to the storage location of the master encoder; only relevant when backup encoder is used

MaxGap size

The maximum gap size between files

Slave lag

Specifies how long slave will wait before starting to archive its content; setting to less than one week not recommended - may cause master and slave to archive needlessly