Encoder - More

This section configures MIP to recover from Encoder errors and hibernates the encoder.

Figure: Encoder More Section

Figure: Encoder More Section

Table: Error Recovery

Maximum restart retries:

The maximum number of times the watchdog will attempt to restart the encoder.

Maximum service recoveries:

The maximum number of times the watchdog is allowed to restart the entire service.

Restart period can be used to force the encoder to restart either based on uptime or at a specific date and time.

Table: Restart Period

Maximum up time

Restarts encoder when elapsed run time is exceeded.

Restart time

Force restart at specific date and time.

CRON line:

Selected schedule in Cron format.

Table: Hibernation


Hibernation schedules a period when the encoder is not recording video.

Restart at:

Specifies restart time.

Stop duration:

Specifies how long the encoder is not recording.