This section enables you to create named Roles with specific access permissions. When an account is generated it is associated with one or more Role. The Administrator account is unique in that it has permissions to all MIP features and cannot be deleted.

Example: looking at the USERS role we note it has access to all MIP features except Admin Screens and Observer classic.

Figure: Settings Roles

Figure: Settings Roles

Table: User Roles


Grants user access to: Capture, Comply, Monitor, Review, Share, Observer Classic, Admin Screens.

Checking to top level function automatically selects all features for that function. If you want to restrict access to a subset uncheck specific features.


Defines how the account is able to utilize MIP.


Sets which channels are accessible. Each entry consists of one or more Channel Set.


Displays all user accounts associated with the Role.


Sets session timeout and maximum # for concurrent videos.

Publish Profile

Selects the list of Social Media sites clips are allowed to be exported. The list is based on user role profiles.

Adding a New Role

To add a new Role click the <Add> icon at the top of the Dashboard. This opens and empty Role. Since Roles can be complex, and often times there are only small differences between Roles, use the Duplicate feature to simplify the task. Highlight an existing Role that is as similar to the new one as possible, then click on the <Duplicate> icon, Type in the new name and click <OK>. Then access that Role and make any necessary changes.

Figure: Creating a Duplicate Roll

Figure: Creating a Duplicate Roll