PC Client Minimum Requirements checklist

Before you install the MIP Media Player, check that your computer meets or exceeds the PC Client Minimum Requirements, listed below:

  • Windows 7, or Windows 10

  • 3.5 GB of RAM or greater

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 10 or above

    • Alternatively, Silverlight support if you are using a non-IE browser

  • Minimum network bandwidth

    • You will need bandwidth greater than or equal to 1.2-1.5x the sum of the bandwidth of the streams you are viewing. For example, to view two 512 Kbps streams smoothly, you need between 1.2 Mbps and 1.5 Mbps of available bandwidth.

In addition to the physical requirements listed above, you must also:

  • Place the URL or IP address of the Web server in your browser’s “Trusted Sites” zone

  • Be a user with local administrative privileges on your machine, to install the signed ActiveX control