Using Capture

Capture is an easy to use live or linear acquisition solution that works across the diversity of sources: baseband, MPEG-TS or post-STB. Capture is able to encode live, network contribution, and cable/satellite/IPTV feeds for fast easy clipping into an editing workflow. Users can review content as it is captured, immediately clip high-value content, and push it directly to editing and media asset management speeding their time to air.

This section provides information about unique Capture features. Functionality common to all MIP sections has is documented in the previous section.

Fig: Capture Workflow

Fig: Capture Workflow

XDS Clips Tab

The section enables you to search for Extended Data Services metadata. Note XDS is limited to NTSC analog video streams. This tab is also in Review: XDS Clips Tab

If any of the video channels include XDS metadata use this feature to display relevant bookmarks. The search feature works like other MIP searches. When the page first opens all search constraints are wild carded so the page will show all bookmarks that include some XDS metadata. If there are a lot use the search function to narrow down the list.