Saving and Naming Bookmark Clips

The lower portion of the Tracks Pane lets you name the clip and determine who has access to it.

Immediately below the thumbnail(s) are two radio buttons, <Create a New Bookmark> and <Append to Existing Bookmark>. Create is the default. When you save the clip(s) a new bookmark will be created, if the Append option is selected the new clip(s) will be appended to an existing bookmark. Begin typing the name of an existing clip in the <Name> field. As you type MIP will display a list of exiting clips. Keep typing until the desired clip is displayed or use the mouse to highlight the one you want.

Figure: Create a New Bookmark

Figure: Create a New Bookmark

Name – defaults to the channel name with date and time appended. If multiple clips are created Name: is that of the first clip. To change the name hover the mouse over the text string and left click. An X will appear to the right of the name. Click on the X to delete the text and type the new name. To edit the name position the mouse over the location you want to change and insert the new text.

Description – enter text to further identify the purpose of the clips.

Visible to – defaults to Me limiting access to you. Press the Role or Everyone radio buttons to expand who has access to the Bookmark.

Save – saves the clip(s). To view the clip(s) press the Bookmark button at the left of the screen.

Close – closes the clip Bookmark management pane, any unsaved bookmarks will be lost.