Using Your Stored Content

Your stored content serves multiple purposes.

Compliance: In the event that the FCC inquiries about any video segment you aired with noncompliance, you can use your stored content to investigate the charge and to either a) prove compliance with FCC regulations; or b) establish precisely which frames of the video were out of compliance.

Customer Complaint Resolution: You can use your stored content for business purposes, especially as a historical record to support resolving customer complaints about whether or not a commercial played during the contractual time frame. MIP’s frame-by-frame record allows you to investigate not merely whether or not the commercial played, but whether or not the commercial played in its entirety, and at what specific time it played.

For playing back your broadcast clips on your website. MIP allows you to bookmark the start and end of each clip you want to display and export the content. You then can post that content to your website. You can use this feature not only for current clips, but for older clips as well – as far back as you have stored content.

For monitoring what you and your competitors are doing. MIP can pick up any public signal, and not merely the signals you generate.

For assessing the Nielsen Ratings on a particular program or set of programs MIP can import the Nielsen Ratings and tie them to the video with which they are associated.