This section allows you to customize the way MIP displays information for your account.

Figure: Preferences

Figure: Preferences


If you make any changes in the Main section press the image icon at the bottom of the page. If MIP is able to successfully save your changes it displays a banner at the top of the page.

Figure: Preferences Successfully Updated

Figure: Preferences Successfully Updated

Time Zone

MIP defaults to the same time zone as your computer. If you want to override that setting and select a different time zone use the Time Zone pulldown.


The Default Metadata State and Default Loudness Meter State controls viewer behavior. For example: if CC (Closed Captioning) is selected and the channel is Closed Captioned, it will be displayed by default whenever the channel is opened. To override the default behaviors turn off closed captioning.

Dashboard Channel Order allows you to customize how channels are displayed (not yet implemented).


When Play Live On Last Used Channel is checked automatically opens the channel in real time.

When Send Email notification when export is finished checked sends an email to the address associated with your login.


MIP allows users to change their own passwords. The system requires the new password to be entered twice. If they do not match MIP displays an error message and your old password continues to be in force.