Using the Player Window

The Channel Dashboard displays all the Video Streams available to you. To display a Video Stream in the Player Window click the check(s) by the Video Stream names you wish to display. The MIP will display your Video Streams in the player window.

Figure: Player Window

Figure: Player Window

Note that if you are using the clientless interface, MIP will only display a subset of the features shown.

MIP automatically adjusts for different aspect ratios and resizes player windows if multiple streams are selected. Audio is enabled on the first stream selected and disabled on subsequent streams. To enable audio on a different video stream, click on the desired player window. The stream with active audio is indicated with a blue background in the Channel Dashboard and the channel name changes from white to blue in the player.

To close a stream click the <X> in the upper right hand side of the stream or click the <stream name> in the Channel Dashboard.

Each window will display the date of the Video Stream you are observing at the top of the Video Stream window.