Channel viewer tab

Pressing the <Share> icon on the home page opens the Share suite in viewer mode. The viewer initially shows up as a large grey space to the right of the channel dashboard. Multiple programs may be viewed simultaneously; you may either view different channels or different programs within a single channel.

Figure: View page layout

Figure: View page layout

As channels are selected, they appear in the viewer. If more than one channel is selected, audio of subsequent channels is inhibited. To activate the audio of another channel, hover over that program and left click. The channel name turns blue, indicating it is the active audio channel.

At the bottom of each channel player are various controls. If the channel is available in more than one bit rate or resolution, the options are displayed in a dropdown to the left of the <Live> icon.

If Volicon Media Intelligence service does not have enough space to display all the controls, they are collapsed; hovering over the control ribbon expands to display any hidden icons. If multiple channels are selected, the channel viewers are shrunk to fit the available space while maintaining the correct aspect ratio.

The number of video streams you can watch simultaneously depends on the Volicon Media Intelligence service software license, your computer’s performance and the speed of your network connection. Assuming there’s sufficient network bandwidth, the player should be able to display up to 24 SD or 12 HD programs.