Searching bookmarks

The left-hand search pane allows you to select only those bookmarks of interest. Search criteria include:

Keyword searches words in the bookmark description.

Owner is the account name of the person who created the bookmark. Volicon Media Intelligence service does smart matching as you type the account name, so you don’t have to type the entire name.

Time range limits search to the date the bookmark was created or modified or to a video time range.

Channel list restricts search to specific channels. The feature may be expanded or collapsed by pressing the chevron on the right. Typing all or part of a channel name into the <Filter> text box limits the display to matching channels.

Last searches remember the last five searches. This feature may also be expanded or collapsed by pressing the chevron on the right.

Once you have entered your search criteria, press <Search> at the bottom of the pane. The page will be refreshed with only bookmarks that match the search criteria. To clear search parameters, press <Reset>.

Let’s say you want to review all the bookmarks for CBS and PBS. Expand the channel list, if not already expanded, and select CBS and PBS. Press <Search>. The page will refresh; but now it only shows bookmarks that match your search criteria. The number of matches is displayed in the upper-right. In this case, there are more bookmarks than can be displayed at one time; therefore, you need to use the <Scroll> bar at the extreme right.

Figure: Bookmark search result

Figure: Bookmark search result

Note that since we searched by channel, the displayed clips have multiple owners. Whether or not a particular bookmark is visible depends on how the bookmark owner set the sharing policy.

Figure: Bookmark ribbon

Figure: Bookmark ribbon

The ribbon above the bookmarks provides tools to manage and combine bookmarks. Icon descriptions from left to right are:

image Select/deselect all is useful if you need to merge bookmarks, rather than individually selecting each one.

image Add bookmark displays the channel list, allowing you to select a channel, time and date to create a new bookmark.

image Merge combines multiple clips into one. This <Edit> feature operates the same as when the clip was first created.

image Send select bookmarks emails bookmarks to specific entities.

image Delete deletes all selected bookmarks.

image Auto refresh automatically updates the page every 30 seconds.

image Grid view displays the thumbnail and description of the bookmark.

image List view shrinks the thumbnail and displays more information about the bookmark.

image Customize columns is only displayed in list view. Check or uncheck desired columns.

Figure: Customize bookmark columns

Figure: Customize bookmark columns

image More indicates there are three options: <Delete all>, <Deselect all> and <Export list>. <Delete all> removes all bookmarks. If any bookmarks are selected, pressing <Deselect all> unchecks them. Pressing <Export list> creates an Excel spreadsheet of all bookmarks. A dialog box appears, allowing you to view or save the spreadsheet.

Figure: Save bookmark dialog

Figure: Save bookmark dialog

Page # allows you to go to a specific page if there is a lengthy bookmark list that straddles multiple pages.