Manual tuning mode

Normally Volicon Media Intelligence service permanently assigns a probe ingress port to each channel. Optionally, one or more ingress ports may be configured for manual control using a virtual set-top box (STB). This allows the viewer to be switched between multiple programs. Channels thus configured will have a <Set-top box> image icon to the left of the “Favorites” star.

When using this feature, the player connects in live mode, and most player controls are locked out, except for volume and hour span.

Manual mode control options

An ingress port configured for manual mode may be in one of several states. In addition to direct user control, Volicon Media Intelligence service allows the recording of specific channels and programs to be performed automatically under scheduler control. This is typically configured by the Volicon Media Intelligence service administrator. To take control of the STB, hover over the <STB> icon and click.

Figure: Manual STB operational modes

Figure: Manual STB operational modes

Figure: Manual tuning controls

Figure: Manual tuning controls

When this feature is activated, a remote control tuning bar is displayed above the normal player controls. From left to right, the controls are as follows:

Table: STB manual tuning controls

Dial by command

Opens list of preprogramed STB channels – bouquet


Sends direct text commands to STB

Send command

Sends command to STB


STB displays info about current program

Previous channel

Switches to previous channel

Next channel

Switches to next channel

Last channel

Switches STB to last view channel

Open remote

Displays image of remote control (optional)


Switches STB between normal and standby


In manual tuning mode, the channel list displays station names, eliminating the need to remember specific channel numbers. This association is called a “Bouquet”, a high-level grouping of channels accessible from the specific STB.

Virtual remote control

The system may be configured with a virtual remote control. In that case, an image of the STB hand-held remote control appears to the right of the player. Hover over a function and click, just as if using a real remote.

Figure: Virtual remote control

Figure: Virtual remote control