GPI clips tab

If any of the video channels include broadcast automation General Purpose Interface (GPI) metadata, use this feature to display relevant bookmarks.

The <Search> feature works like it does in other Volicon Media Intelligence service sections, allowing you to search by keyword, time and channel.

GPI clip display options

The ribbon at the top of the “GPI clips” pane allows you to manage and modify captured clips.

image Select/deselect all GPI clips. If there are no clips, this option is greyed out.

image Merge multiple DPI clips. Unlike bookmark merge, there are no restrictions on merging clips from different sources. Otherwise, GPI merge works just like bookmark merge. If there are no clips, this option is greyed out.

image Delete selected GPI clips. This option is greyed out if no clips are selected.

image When the <Refresh> icon is blue, the page is automatically refreshed every few seconds. When the icon is white, the page does not change once it is opened. Clicking the <Auto refresh> icon toggles between the two modes.

image Grid and List view are similar to other Volicon Media Intelligence service settings. Grid displays a large thumbnail and limited descriptive detail about the clip. In List view, the thumbnail is smaller, and the selection of descriptive detail is much greater.

image Use this icon to open an Excel spreadsheet listing details of each clip, or delete all GPI clips.