Network Configuration

Volicon recommends that you assign a static IP address to each Observer server. If you are relying on a public network (such as the Internet) for connecting your various server deployments, additional considerations apply.

Security Considerations

If you are using the Internet for your connections, place firewalls both between your Observer Encoder servers and their Internet connection, and between your Central/Web server and its Internet connection.

Firewall Configuration for Observer Encoder Servers

On the firewall protecting your Observer Encoder servers, you must open:

  • TCP Ports 4504/5502 for content streaming (to client PCs). Port 4504 allows A/V streaming.

  • TCP Port 3306 for database updates. Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), a standard programming language middleware API for accessing Database Management Systems, uses TCP port 3306.

  • Port 8080 for Mobile device streaming

  • Port TCP 3389 or a VPN connection for support

Central/Web server:

  • Ports TCP 80 for the HTTP (Web frontend and client PCs)

  • Port TCP 25 SMTP for Hmailserver outgoing email alerts

  • Port 943 and 4504 for Silverlight

Be sure to provide sufficient bandwidth between server and the monitoring facility. Size the bandwidth to provide 1.2-1.5 times the sum of the viewed stream’s bandwidth, with a minimum connection speed of 10 Mbps

See the Observer Site Prep Guide for details.